Keeping Your Cup Full

After I had my children less than two years apart, my world was rocked. Literally, I was a wife and working nurse and now a mom of two under two, and my health and wellness were in the back seat—the trunk for that matter. I was well over 200 pounds and very tired and overwhelmed. My journey into health and wellness started with tagging along to a Zumba class with my favorite aunt. I was anxious and didn’t know what I was in for, but I knew I loved music, and I needed something to get me moving. I was completely hooked and decided at that very first class that I would become a Zumba instructor! Now when I say people around me were shocked, that was an understatement, but I believed in myself !! Now fast forward, my kids are 8 and 10, and I’ve been teaching Zumba for eight years and now am certified in indoor cycling and hoping to start an aerobic step class soon! I have lost and maintained about a 30-pound weight loss, but more importantly, I feel strong and capable, and my children get to see the positive impacts physical activity brings! We all love to go on long bike rides together and hikes and swimming! There have been times in the past people have actually tried to make me feel guilty about the time I spend working out, I know as a mom, the benefits way outweigh the time away from kids. When your children see you put a high value on your physical health, believe me, they will start to make those same moves in their own lives !! That’s a beautiful thing! Also, exercise is an enormous stress reliever, and it goes without saying, the more stress you can effectively manage, the better a mom and wife you’ll be! Keep your cup full, and you’ll have much to share with others.

  • Brianne Dollar
    Posted at 02:50h, 28 August Reply

    That’s awesome! I love that you’re taking care of your body and having fun while you do it. It’s so important, especially as a mom. Being active and staying healthy really does allow us to manage our stress in many ways. Keeping active and taking care of myself has definitely helped my mental health.

    • admin
      Posted at 02:06h, 31 August Reply

      Thanks so much for your feedback and I’m glad this message resonated with you! God bless you in your journey to self-love and self-care!!

      Desiree Abrams

  • Sharon Linengan
    Posted at 03:57h, 01 September Reply

    I think that physical and mental health have to be seen as two lanes in the same journey – I love how clear that is here. And showing that we can connect an interest (music) with a goal is such great advice. Start with what is familiar, pleasurable, and you know you can do: and make the hard work part of that thing that already sparks your motivation.
    Absolutely loving it – keep ’em coming.

    – Sharon

    • The Gals
      Posted at 23:45h, 01 September Reply

      As a new nurse fourteen years ago, I had almost no concept of spiritual/ mental health being directly impactful on physical health, but as I’ve grown as a woman and mother, I’ve loved learning more about the close linkage. It’s empowering to know how much we really can influence our overall well being by pursuing self-care. Thanks so much for responding and God bless.


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