A taste of Europe in the Midwest

I never imagined that I could experience a taste of Europe in my state. I could not escape to the places I desired, but a family member somehow found a winery that was tucked away into a beautiful hill with the most beautiful orchard, home to the loveliest couple. We had a delightful evening with them. The weather was perfect, and the setting they created was so warm and relaxing. We wanted to linger and talk long after the wine tasting. They were both incredibly well-traveled and shared so many exciting stories with every wine that we tasted. I have a particular interest in Afghan hounds, and they have a similar special breed; the wines are named after- Taegen hounds. The stories of the dogs and the wines, the delicious flavors of the grapes, and the perfect weather and idyllic setting under the arbors were so memorable. We were so comfortable asking if we could have some food delivered and continue to stay longer to enjoy the setting.

Being with family is priceless, no matter where we are. We dd not have to travel far to find a nice place to stay in, and it seemed there were always fun things to do nearby.Things have changed so much since March, and travel plans are so different. I believe that we can find so many good treasures inside of the changes if we look closely and take advantage of the time we have with the ones that we love.

There are so many things of beauty in our back yards. There are so many incredible sights if we only move in closer and slow down to savor them. Plan for them. Take a few days and stop. Take an hour and plan lunch. Take a weekend and be with your child or your husband. Go out with a friend to a local coffee shop and try a new kind of coffee.



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