Paradise in Our Own Backyard: The Night Ink Gals Hit the Road


This past weekend was an eye-opener in so many ways. I couldn’t wait to share about it! I enjoyed one beautiful experience after another with two incredibly special women. We played, talked, ate, laughed, and explored freely sans kids and husbands/partners. We escaped to a beautiful beach town you may or may not have heard of. I want the location to be a total surprise for you readers, just as it was for me! As you read about our adventures, I want you to guess where we may have been, and I’m sure you’ll be shocked when I reveal the location.

So, we started with an elegant, authentic Italian lunch downtown featuring mouthwatering, lovingly prepared cuisine at a small yet classy and well-appointed location in an unassuming building. We sipped delicious wine and ate delectable lasagna soup, crusty garlicky bread, and cheesy, indulgent pasta dinners. We were even checked on by a darling older lady who we imagine may have been “Mama”.


Mama Cantena's

Next, after driving down an immaculately manicured neighborhood street where lush elms canopied above, creating an almost storybook atmosphere, we arrived at our sprawling Airbnb rental location. Much to our delight, it was a three-level private residence of which we had full reign over the entire basement apartment, which opened out to a massive back deck/pool area with ample outdoor seating and perfect water views. As for the interior, it was clean, cozy, somewhat regal, and very spacious. It seemed as if time had stood still somewhere in the 1970s with retro decor and tons of cool Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. It even had a posh steam room!

Beautiful lake side home nestle in shade trees

The hours ticked away as we lounged endlessly on the waterfront deck in awe of breathtaking colorful sunsets, paddle boarders, and boats on the gentle waves. The days were a blur as we found tons to occupy our time, such as kayaking, lighthouse gazing, and even yoga on the local park beach! I had to jump in and participate. There were hip, waterfront dining options with local fish features and mansions to fantasize about! Where were we? Did you guess maybe Myrtle Beach or the Outer Banks? Nope, it was Euclid, OHIO!!! Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes, is a huge body of fresh water at the northern border of Ohio.

On Chagrin River

Being there brought us to life this past weekend and elicited some real, raw emotion in me. I recalled my grandparents’ love of Lake Erie from early in my childhood. They had a small camper-type trailer they kept up in the Marble Head area. I enjoyed some of the most wonderful experiences. I have kept memories with me forever, although they’d been somewhat buried in my adult brain. I loved the nostalgia that came flooding back into my heart as I immersed myself in the “Lake Life” all weekend. I was almost moved to tears as I laid on my back in a deck chair, listening to the waves crashing under me. As I stared up at the sun glistening through the leaves of a gorgeous mature tree native to Ohio, I felt a strong sense of “coming home”. Because I’m a lifelong Ohio resident and unable to recall a ton of detail, I know my family brought me to this area a lot while growing up. I’m left wondering why I’ve almost completely disregarded Ohio as a beachfront vacation escape choice (in the right months, of course)? My eyes, and all my senses, were opened like never before to this option. And I hope you’ll consider it too for your next day or weekend trip with or without family. I was completely blown away!

View from the deck of our Airbnb
Yoga on Edgewater Beach
Euclid at Sunset

We would love to mention and thank the following business for making our trip so memorable.  We received no compensation for this review.


Mama Cantena

Summer House   

Fat Heads

Chagrin River  Kayaking

M.V's picke- Fresh Walleye at Summer House
Desiree's Portobello wrap at FatHead's
Kitt's choice -Key lime cheese cake at Fat Head's
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