A Season for Renewed Gratitude

    It is finally Spring! To me, this represents new life, light, and positivity. The perennials bloom in gorgeous colors. Green is returning to grasses, shrubs, and trees, and birds sing cheerful songs in the mornings. The days feel a little longer, and the sunrises are uplifting and hopeful. I feel like it is a great time to pursue a spirit of gratitude actively in this fresh season.

     I have been a little challenged with some new health issues these past couple of months and felt myself slipping into worry and negativity. So, I am evaluating my thoughts throughout my day to reframe my mindset. No matter your spiritual or religious beliefs, seeking out things to be thankful for daily has an absolute benefit. I went through back-to-back immediate family tragedies at a young age, some abusive and unhealthy relationships, and various struggles in other areas. Still, I am always amazed at how searching for things to be grateful for can positively impact my mental health. 

            Some examples include just being thankful for things I take for granted, like my home, food to eat, and clean air to breathe. Almost all of us share these blessings as well. Another way I like to use this tactic is to turn possible negatives or complaints into positives such as instead of being obsessed with the fact that I have gained about 10 pounds over the past year or so, I’m so incredibly thankful for my ability to run a 5K, hike for hours, teach a spin class, and lift heavy things despite the number on the scale.  Also, instead of focusing on how overly busy my life can sometimes feel, I try to keep in mind that one day I may not physically be able to do the things I do and also that my children will one day leave my home and won’t need me the same ways they need me now. I’m sure I will miss all of that. Thinking this way helps me remember just how great my life really is! I pray you can intentionally find some things to feel very thankful for today and throughout the season, whether big, like health, or small, like a sweet new bird out your kitchen window. 

God Bless, and Happy Spring

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